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Sorry For All The Trouble.

2013-01-23 18:30:29 by MrDiemon54

Okay so, i just found out that a person, Has/Is impersonating me, on this account, getting hate.

That person is my Ex, From maybe 2012.

What happened is that I am a music creator, but I did not create these tracks, here on this site.

The only reason i'm on this Account At the moment, is because she used my extra E-mail account.

For any kind of disbelief on this matter, She has stolen Actual music from me, and done this same thing, living off my success/

I can believe that this account would have gotten hate, but I am apologizing for any misunderstandings.

If you want to hate the "creator" of this account, Get skype and add Susannah.parker2.

She is the pirater of these songs, Also, I'm deleting all of these songs....

Sorry for any trouble.


2010-05-12 07:44:41 by MrDiemon54

hi poeple who liek my music i was wondering if anyone needs certain songs pm me and ill see what i can do :D

able to help u

2010-02-03 16:42:56 by MrDiemon54

if anyone needs help with voices or anything like that or drawings i'm able to help just mail me on n-g not email cuz its busted

but if you need help or not well im able to help with ANYthing

well not anything just like videos or games or somthing like that.

and leave insults on some other guy :P